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Red, pink, white or orange: Its lovely flowers brighten up any interior.

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Below is an exploration of how to grow and care for both Christmas Cactus and Amaryllis.

Christmas Cactus – Getting Them to Bloom

Unlike many of the other cactus species we keep as houseplants, Christmas cacti are not naturally found in dry desert habitats.

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Christmas Cacti are known to improve the quality of air by removing toxins from the air.In the wild, Christmas cactus plants thrive on rich, organic material, filtered light and high humidity.The shiny, many-petalled, tubular flowering tips are a delicate, lemony-yellow.

To propagate Christmas Cactus by stem cuttings with 1 easy twist, and plant them too.

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Christmas Cactus and Amaryllis are two of the more popular indoor plants in the United States.If maintained well, it can even bloom again from one year to another for years.

We have tried to grow them like we do many other cactus in South Florida, however, they tend to like cooler weather. 99% of our plants we grow in the open outdoors.Christmas Cactus needs My plants are outside growing, hardy, and healthy with well-developed root system and extra large leaves.

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The Thanksgiving Cactus is commonly incorrectly labeled and sold as a Christmas Cactus which makes it confusing.It has shiny, typical Christmas Cactus stem-joints and arching, pendulous branches.

Like the poinsettia, the Christmas cactus needs to follow a pretty strict regimen in the fall in order to bloom at holiday time.Next, hot glue the the pom pom trim around the cactus and top each small point with a bright felt ball.My fondness for Christmas Cactus plants comes from the numerous beautiful blooms that magically appear from green tips just as color has pretty much disappeared from my outdoor gardens.

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When decorating for the holidays, you may be bringing some plants into your home.

Tips for Growing And Taking Care of the Christmas Cactus

When you think of Christmas flowers, you probably think of poinsettias.

Pops of unexpected color bloom from alien-like tendrils that creep and drape over the plant.Plants grow on trees or rocks in habitats that are generally shady with high humidity, and can be quite different in appearance from their desert-dwelling cousins.I came across one sight that said you could plant cacti and succulents together.Red Christmas Cactus is a traditional indoor plant for the holidays as they will bloom bright red on dark green foliage during the holiday season.

A cactus (plural: cacti, cactuses, or cactus) is a member of the plant family Cactaceae, a family comprising about 127 genera with some 1750 known species of the order Caryophyllales.

While it has nothing to do with Christmas except its blooming time, its longevity, ease of care, and translucent beauty keeps us coming back for more.A Christmas cactus in full bloom creates a warm atmosphere during the holidays.

Named after the time of year that they bloom in the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas cactus plants are beautiful and easy to maintain in the right conditions.Once the Christmas cactus has ceased all flowering (usually by fall), or about six to eight weeks before you want the plant to rebloom, you should allow the plant to begin its dormancy cycle by cutting back on Christmas cactus moisture and reducing both light and temperature.