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A turbo-hydro 350 transmission has a pan on the bottom that must be removed to change the fluid and tranny filter.A transmission fluid change is, as you would expect, when you have the fluid in the transmission system replaced.

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A lot of mechanics say that is too long and it should be done at least every 50,000 miles.Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant to help keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

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Oil change Tools: 17 mm wrench Flat tip screwdriver Cross tip screwdriver Not going to go over things like jacks, Jack stands, oil filter wrench, drain pan,oil and oil filter, because those are known items etc.This is typically an oil-based fluid used in a transmission that lubricates and cools the transmission and provides hydraulic pressure to shift gears automatically.

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When to Change Transmission Fluid Each manufacturer has different recommendations for when to change the transmission fluid in their cars.I know on a lot of new cars it is sealed from the factory so you cannot get in there to change the transmission fluid.

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To change the transmission fluid on a Honda Civic, you will need a good rug, a drip pan, 10 quarts of transmission fluid, a funnel and a ratchet wrench.A variety of factors can affect the frequency with which you should change your auto transmission fluid (ATF).

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In a standard fluid change, the pan is drained and, if applicable, the filter or gasket is replaced and the screen is cleaned.

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To get the best life out of your Toyota Sienna Transmission, the Automatic Transmission Fluid should be changed regularly.Changing and flushing your transmission fluids are two maintenance services that keep your transmission is running smoothly.

An inspection of the transmission, fluid hoses, pipes, and cooler (if equipped) should be performed during recommended maintenance.The method in this article drains almost half of the automatic transmission fluid and replaces it with fresh fluid.

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This automated manual uses both automatic transmission fluid, for shifting and clutch engagement, and gear oil.

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Empty the fluid from the reservoir pan into your catch basin, and allow the fluid from the transmission case to drip into the catch basin as well.Remove that bolt from the torque converter and drain it as well.

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Transmission fluid change is the most common type of transmission service, as all transmission need the fluid changed regularly.If not equipped, lower the transmission pan using the pan bolts to direct the fluid into the drain pan.

Remove the drain plug (large plug) and allow the fluid to drain.How to change the transmission fluid: Before removing the drain plug drive the Ranger around for 15 minutes or longer to heat the fluid.

This was the only method known to change the fluid so it was the acceptable method.

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