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Laser hair removal was approved as a method of hair removal by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1997.Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a technology used by cosmetic and medical practitioners to perform various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes, including hair removal, photorejuvenation (e.g. the treatment of skin pigmentation, sun damage, and thread veins) as well as to alleviate dermatologic diseases such as acne.

Obviously, you can see the appeal of home laser hair removal equipment.For a slightly longer answer, several studies were conducted reviewing the efficacy and efficiency of these home-use light-based hair removal devices.

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The heat from the laser destroys the follicle preventing future hair growth in that area.

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We only use licensed nurses and physician assistants to deliver real results you can see and feel.Conversely, feedback from individuals with thicker hair on the side and bottom of the face indicates that powerful products for body-use-only can safely work, but only on very dark follicles and, presumably, on the lowest power.

Today, laser hair removal is a treatment option for patients who have light-colored hair and light skin and patients who have dark skin.These Are the Only At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices That Work.The best laser hair removal product for at-home use is the Braun Gillette Venus, which allows you to remove hair permanently at home.Typically, lasers and pulsed light devices for hair removal are categorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as prescription devices.

Laser hair removal will eradicate unwanted body hair on a semi-permanent basis.

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Dermatologists told us what five beauty gadgets they recommend for cleansing, clearing, and laser hair removal at home.There are several different types of laser hair removal devices available today.

Just like any other cosmetic or medical procedure, using a home-use IPL or laser hair removal device carries some risk of complications and side effects.

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